Illinois Cigarette Butt Law

In Illinois there is a new law in effect on January 1st that will allow police to fine smokers $1500.00 on the first offense for throwing a used cigarette butt on the ground.

It’s a harsh law that aims to prevent littering of this toxic material. This is good news for electronic cigarettes users since they won’t have to worry at all about disposing of the butts after vaping.

Keep an eye on new smoking laws like this even if it doesn’t directly affect vaping and e cigarettes.

Ecig Laws what’s the latest!

Nobody seems to know exactly what the laws are when it comes to electronic cigarettes. That’s because they are such a new product that most places haven’t come up with the laws yet. Yes, my horsey friends, these days it’s the Wild West when it comes to e-cigs. That may be changing though, so saddle up and corral some learning on the topic:

The New York Times wrote about all this in an article titled “E-Cigarettes Are in Vogue and at a Crossroads.” According to the article, the FDA even tried to outlaw e-cigs when they first came out. But the manufacturers took them to court, won the case, and that’s how e-cigs came to be classified as a tobacco product.

What should you expect? Well, at some point, it’s likely that e-cigs will be subject to the same laws as traditional cigarettes. Think about it this way: the vapor isn’t smoke, but it does have nicotine in it. So eventually interest groups are going to make an argument about ‘second-hand nicotine.’ Meaning, people around you might be taking in nicotine from the vapor you exhale.

Expect these kinds of laws to take effect first in California, but then other states will follow. Until that happens, though, you can enjoy your e-cig just about anywhere unless there are posted signs saying you can’t. Giddy-up.

Minnesota Cigarette Tax

Next week, Minnesota’s new cigarette tax will go into effect.  The tax will imposed a $1.60 per tax pack tax.  The new cigarette tax will dramatically increase the cost of a pack of cigarettes on smokers.

As a result, many tobacco store owners are seeing a dramatic increase in people buying ecigs as an alternative.  A ecig is dramatically cheaper than a traditional cigarette.

One nicotine cartridge is about equal to a pack of cigarettes.  A 5 pack of nicotine cartridge sales for about $9.99.  A five pack comes with 5 nicotine cartridge so you are basically getting a pack of cigarettes for $2.00.

It gets enough better when none of the tobacco taxes apply to ecigs.

So many people are turning to electronic cigarettes for purely economic purposes.

Seattle Prohibits E Cigarettes


The city of Seattle bans the public use of e cigarettes in the same places where regular cigarettes are forbidden by state law, when the King County Board of Health passed it’s law.  This means that e cigarettes are not allowed in restaurants, bars, and at work.

When the King County Board of Health was asked why they passed the law, they stated that they feared the eroding of “social norms”

Boston Bans Ecigs At Work

The Boston Public Health Commission has voted to ban electronic cigarettes at work and in outdoor areas such as restaurant patios.  They further restrict of the sale of ecigs to only adults.

In essence they are treating electronic cigarettes like regular cigarettes even though there has yet to be scientific proof that they cause the same kind of harm.

Stores that sell e cigarettes are now required to obtain permits to sell ecigs just like that is required to sell tobacco products.

The Boston Public Health Commission did not get any rationale for passing the law other than that they would not allow a generation of people smoking ecig freely without them knowing the dangers of cigarettes.